Monday, February 16, 2009

Wonderful Weekend.

Wow what a busy and wonderful week I had last week. We all know how my Monday started off but the week did get a bit better. On Wednesday I purchased my tickets for my trip back home to Idaho, to see my daughter and son-in-law ( whom I have never meet) and my 3 grand babies whom I have never meet either. I'm totally excited about going to see all of them. I will be staying 7 days and my daughter Ashley has a whole list of things for us to do. I told her that I'm going there to see them not to be entertained. I fly into Jackson Hole,WY on April 14th, so we plan on making a day of it since I get in around noon.

From left to right is Leland,Brenden and Isabell. Now I wont be just a voice on the phone. I feel bad that we live so far away but there is nothing we can do right now .. Hooooyah... go Navy! But at least Ashley understands being a Navy Brat and all. There will lots of pictures of my vacation to Idaho to follow in April.

The rest of the week was busy I took my friend Judy to the airport on Friday she was going to Arizona for a wedding. On Saturday the big V-Day Greg didn't have work like we had anticipated on earlier on in the week so I gave Miss Hope a call and said we would be able to go out to dinner with them and John and Carla. We ate at a restaurant downtown that I hadn't been to in over 9 years. Even though we have been here for 2 1/2 we just have never made it back. So all 6 of us had dinner reservations at Seagulls for 5:30p.m. we were about 5 or so min. late. It was a nice place with good atmosphere. The poor waiter we had, I felt so bad for him. We pretty much figured that it was either his first day or this was the first day he was by himself. He was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. We didn't get out of there until 8:15 I kid you not. The restaurant wasn't bad the service wasn't all that good but I totally understand where the poor kid was coming from. I blame the bad service on the people who had him wait tables on Valentines Day all by himself. As far as the food goes it wasn't all that great. I don't think I will be going back. But as far as the people we had with us, I would give them Five Stars. As we were outside talking after we had paid our bills, I said to Miss Hope "That we don't have to just be with the One we love we can be with the ONES we love." it is good that we are far enough in our marriages that we can go out as a group on Valentines Day and have a great time. We really do need to do those group dinners more often, I had a GREAT time. Nothing better than a night out with good friends. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Valentines Day.


  1. Tell it, Sister. How many people do you know do group hugs on the sidewalk...and not be drunk? That's right!!!!!

    I'm all for making this a steady "date"!

  2. I am so totally with you on that. I think us gettin together once a month for a couples dinner would be FABU... that is as sophisticated as I'm a gonna sound this early in the mornin.

  3. Have a safe and fun trip! Yes on being with the ONES you love!