Monday, February 9, 2009

Manic Monday

Well a whole week has come and gone and this is the first chance I have had to write anything down. It just seems like my Mondays are a good time to get this done. Wow where to start, I usually start out the week with nothing to do, but by Tuesday I have my whole week filled. Sometimes I wish there was 2 of me so one of me could rest, eat bon bons and just be a slacker!

Monday was a good quiet day last week, Tuesday however started the run for the weekend! I had a meeting on Tuesday to show some of the wives the new cup that I had made for the Dolphin Auction, I'm the Beverage Committee Chair. I need to explain a little how me and my girls roll. We are a pretty tight knit group, we would do anything for each other ( even bail one another out of jail if needed, and yes we have talked about this lol.) So even though I was the one that said OHHHH I will chair that committee, my girls are behind me 110% and are willing to either succeed or fail right along with me. Now that is what I call BEST FRIENDS. So with that said, we were throwing around ideas for the auction. We started out with Pitchers of beer. OHHH what a great idea, until my hubby popped our bubble and said how are we gonna clean the pitchers. So we moved on to the stadium cups, then thought it was a great idea to have something printed on them.

This is done on a Navy Blue cup with Gold lettering, it looks great! I spent probably 3 days of emailing the lady who was doing the cups, then forwarding the emails to my gals for proof reading cuz I miss things. So it really is a combined effort with us, with each of us bringing something new and different to the table and no one had the need to be the BOSS. I just want to say I really LURV my peeps.
Thursday was just a full day of running around getting misc. stuff done. I had done something to my back when we had compass a few weeks ago, my stubborn self keeps forgetting to take it easy and not lift things that makes my back worse. I HAD to get some stuff at the commissary, Wal*art ect. I HAD to get some more deer corn, my mother in law needed a bag cuz dumb old Miami doesn't have stuff like that. I got 2 of the last 5 that they had at Wal*art.
Friday came and I had a butt load of stuff to do, and for all the planning that I did ( I'm so on having a plan) my children seem to put a monkey wrench into the whole thing. AHHHH such is life, just got to learn to go with the flow. My father-in-law was able to spend the weekend with us, the kids just love it when he comes to visit. Now that we live closer both he and my mother-in-law hopefully will be able to visit more often and we should be able to go down more often too.


  1. That print is totally copyrighted! We had too much input for it not to be!!!!!

    I must say the cups turned out fantastic!

    Neighbor Debbie is admitting she's old with that bad back, isn't she? She's young in spirit, though! :)

  2. I tried to take a pic of the cup itself but you could'nt see the whole thing cuz it is curved.
    Like I have said before I'm a 21 year old trapped in a 43 year olds body!

  3. He girlie!!! I love the print for the cups..and who ever told you i heard from coke, lied to you..I got home yesterday and nothing still via email or my phone. I am getting nervous. I tried calling them and still nothing. They said they will let me know. I hate when their schedule is not my schedule. Anyway...I am back in if you need me for "situation" has changed and I should be good to go by next week!
    let me know what you could push off your plate onto mine. And yes I would bail you out of jail!

  4. The caps look good! Good luck on that!