Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does it ever Stop?

For all of my planning and trying to keep on top of things it just seems like my days go from bad to worse in a heart beat. Yesterday started off as any usual Monday, got the kids out the door and finally had my second cup of coffee. I got on the IM's with Miss Hope as we usually do making our plans for the day. She was going to come over and help me make some more heat packs. She had said that she needed to keep her skills sharp and would love to help me. I was needing to get some done, as I had given mine and Neighbor Greg's heat packs to his mother and sister. I also was going to make a friend of mine one for her as she is having surgery today and I know how much my SIL loved hers after her surgery. I had IMd Miss Hope and told her I was going to start making them soon ,she said ok no problem. After 20 min. or so I I'm her again, she wrote back that she was in a family talk with her momma and it might take a bit. So I persevered and started on my own. In between making the heat packs I was able to schedule eye appts, Dr. appts and even get a load of laundry started.Time really flew by and it was Noon and The Man was comming home to have lunch with Miss Hope, so she said that she would come over after that. So needless to say it was soon time to go get the kids.
The Man has custody of our girls( both mine and Miss Hopes) in the morning and I have custody of the kids in the afternoon, this arrangement works out well for all. So I go to get the youngins and as I was driving I remembered that our speedometer was going all haywire. This had started on Saturday. I can be at a dead stop and my speed is is 50 mph. So with this gentle reminder I gave the Chevy dealership a call. I received the following news: " I need to take the Sub (suburban) in and they will see what type of cluster I need for the sub. It will take a day or 2 to get the part in and then it should only take a few hours to fix and it is only going to cost me $500-$600!! I thought I was a gonna have a hear attack. And to top it all off the damn thing was on a recall list a few years back and we farted around and when we finally got the damn thing in we had to many miles on it and they wouldn't fix it. So the moral of this short story is when the manufacture has a recall on your car/truck take it in right quick or it is a gonna cost you down the road. I'm still kicking myself in the butt for not getting it in when I had the chance.

Like the good friend that Miss Hope is she was able to come over and help me get the last few bags finished. I told her that I really shouldn't do those again by myself cuz a few of them that was supposed to be 5x11 turned out to be 4x11. And the bags that I had already had made were to big. So today I guess we will be fixing cases for the litty bitty ones. We have around 60lbs. or so of deer corn to get into bags. Hope you feeling froggy Miss Hope. OK I guess my rant is done. Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. Thank goodness Monday is over!!


  1. Wasn't yesterday just a HARD day?!? I was so glad when it was time for bed. Nothing worse than having your plans all whacked up.

    If only I hadn't gotten sidetracked by Wii Cheer............

  2. Yes i'm glad Monday is over too and I hope the week is uphill for all of us from here on out!

  3. Call me..I want to come over and make heat bags..I could use one for my post surgery!!!

  4. Ronee.... girl just bring the fabric- muslin for the bag, and anyother fabric for the case just make sure it is 100% cotton. I have enought deer corn to feed the whole heard of them on base lol. Call me anytime.