Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New outlook on life.

This is my Alexis taking a self portrait on the way to get her eyes checked. She can use my new phone better than I can. I think somewhere they should be kid proof as not to make us adults look bad. Well the chick is getting some new glasses. She had been complaining for some time that she cant see the board. But she did the same thing last year and got another pair of glasses to the tune of $150.00 and I don't think she even wore them more than a handful of times. So needless to say I was a bit reluctant to take her in again to go over the same stuff. But the doc said that her eyes have gotten a bit worse, she is now Near Sighted. So around 4:00p.m. her daddy took her to get her new glasses. Greg said that she was so excited about being able to see that she barely let them adjust her glasses. So here she is with her new glasses getting ready for school this morning. When I went to wake her up the first thing she said is " I get to wear my new glasses!" We have told her that she needs to wear them all the time. So hopefully this will fix her having to struggle to see the board.

I have a quick question to ask all of you, these are things that roll around my head and gives me thing to bug Miss Hope about lol.

With the exception of husbands,children and pets, what would be the 5 most important things you would take with you if you had to evacuate in a hurry?
1) photo albums, baby books
2) Jewelery from Gems TV.
3) Kitchen Aid
4) sewing machine
5) Family pics


  1. 1) pics & albums
    2) small portable safe
    3) Jewelry
    4) Medecines
    5) Purse

  2. My external hard drive...(pictures)
    my cel phone

    i really think that is it..the rest i can replace..i will think about it..and come back!

  3. Queen, dangit I would have left my meds, and my safe.. well if I think about it I could put my jewelry and the meds in the safe. So I'm still good LOL.

  4. Are you going to stake conference this weekend? I need a sit next to partner!? text me

  5. This I'll have to think about.

    Alexis looks fantastic! She's so cute in her new specs!