Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quick update.

Just a quick note to let ya'all know that I have'nt dropped off the face of the earth. I was busy with the Dolphin Auction, then the move then the trip out to Idaho to see my daugher and her family. I got home a couple of weeks ago and had to do a 3 day course of Compass. So know it is back to the old grind of putting the rest of my house together and getting caught up with my blogs. I promise I will have pics and stories soon. Hope everyone is well.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kasper life.

We have made it through the Dolphin Auction for yet another year! My afghan went for $71.00 I think, I haven't heard the official word yet. As for the Beverage Committee we did a great job. The new stadium cups went over well, we still have some left but hey can use them next year. My people did a great job and the night for us went off without a hitch. I had injured my leg the Tuesday before the auction so I wasn't able to walk the floor and sell tickets so Fred (AKA Miss Hope's ...The Man) proudly wore the ticket apron and kicked some butt and sold a lot of tickets. Just to let you know it wasn't a sissy apron it was a apron from one of the hardware stores so he didn't look funny. I do wish we would have gotten a pic of that though.

So now that the auction is over it is time to focus on the move. I started to pack on Monday, Carla was on IM's with me and said that she would come and help me start packing my PartyLite stuff. That was really the only stuff that I had planned on doing that day. Well Carla came over and so did Miss Hope to help a sister out. We got the PL stuff knocked out quite quick, and we took a little rest. Carla was saying to me don't you have any other boxes she was as cagey as a cat on a hot tin roof, wanting to get stuff done! I was joking with Greg and told him that if I would have had the boxes that Carla would have had me all packed up that day LOL. Since I didn't have boxes it was decided that I need to take down all the curtains and wall stuff. So we got all of that done and I had started to wash the curtains and at least get the stuff that we had taken down off the walls put into a pile in the living room. Later that night I was sitting in bed waiting for Greg to shut off the lights so we could relax and watch some TV before going to sleep. He just stood there at the foot of the bed looking at the wall behind the bed and was looking right confused.... all that was left was the picture left hanging on the wall. After a few seconds of him looking right pitiful I asked him ..... "You are trying to remember what was hanging on the wall for the last 3 years huh"... He just shook his head and gave a bit of a laugh and said " Yes, I cant remember what was there I assume some PartyLite stuff though". Now that is why I could buy stuff and he wouldn't know if I had bought it yesterday or 5 years ago! It could work to my advantage in the near future. The packing is coming along ok, I'm doing a little bit at a time so I don't just burn the house down and collect the ins. money and go shopping for new stuff. Well it is off to get some more packing done. Take care all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Big Thanks to my Gals.

I'm sitting here having my morning coffee and trying to plan out my day, week and rest of the month. I realized that the month of March is almost 1/2 over! Where did it go. I guess I have been so busy with the Dolphin Auction, medical and dental appointments and moving into a new home. The Dolphin Auction is this weekend and I'm so excited to see what my afghan will bring in. If it does well enough maybe it will be a tradition for me and I will make one every year for the auction. As far as my committee we are doing real good. I think we are in top form and will do well on Saturday. I have the best friends who have been volunteered ( more like begged by me) to help with the tickets ect. That is what good friends are for, they will do something that they themselves would rather not do, just because it is something you want to try and see if you can do it.

I want to give a bit SHOUT OUT to my peeps, Miss Hope... not once has this woman complained when I have called her rambling about the cups, tickets, what supplies I still need to get and does she think that the schedule that I have done is ok. She just listens to me go off on a tanget and then says to me " sounds like you have it all under control".

Then there is Jordy, she is the computer excel spreed sheet queen, she loves to do the organizing on the computer... me I would just write it down because those darn programs wont do what I want them to do, or maybe it is me. And I cant understand computer speak LOL.

Then there is Kerry she got dragged into this last minute when I went up to her and asked her if she was going to be busy the night of the Auction. She said nope what do you need me to do. It is so great to have friends to back you up when you may get in a bit over your head. Good friends like mine are hard to find....so when you find a good friend like that cherish them. Just remember you cant have MINE lol ( ok I know some of you had Hope, Kerry and Jordy before me and that's ok).

But the rest of ya keep ur mitts off. Just kidding they are the best friends a gal could have and I love all of you mucho.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a DAY!

From my week starting off with a sick youngin to moving into a new house in just over 4 weeks, things sure do move at lightning speed when the moment so hits! My hubby called me last night saying there is this perfect 4 bdrm house with a nice kitchen and a fire place and a real nice front yard. I'm trying to find out which one is the Lemon Tree

Now I'm all about my yard, I love to do yard work and make pretty things grow. And to top it off to have my hubby so excited that he made a appointment this morning to see the house! So sick youngin in tow we went to see this house. It is absolutely beautiful. Front Yard
It sits on a Acre of land and you can see the marsh from the front porch. Oh the front porch it is a full porch complete with a swing!! Now I'm in the south!! I will have a tangerine tree, Apple tree and a lemon tree ( when it matures the current owner cut it down not knowing what it was lol) The current owner had put a lot of time and money into the landscaping. The front with the edging has lighting in it. There is a little play yard ,swing,slide thingy out front too. The front drive could hold at least 6 to 8 cars easy!! The front living room has a fireplace ( I so love a fire place) I love the kitchen they are leaving the china cabinet cuz the stupid people that wallpapered the kitchen( not the current owners) didn't do all of it and left a blank wall. Kitchen / Dining Room and the Florida Room
Dining Room/ Florida Keys Room
There is also a "sun room" I call it my Florida Keys room, (that is another post later). Florida Keys Room

They have a deck off the Florida Keys room.

One of the bedrooms is about a 17x22 that is what the 2 little girls are gonna share for now. There is also 2 bathrooms.
1/2 the size of the girls room
I'm really excited and cant wait. Now to get purging :) I guess I'm a gonna start boxing up stuff a little bit at a time. Here are some of the pics that I took today.
Master Bedroom
Well that is all the pic I have at the moment. I will post more if I'm able to get them.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's got to get Better

Well where to start. My week started off a little bit busy but as you can read down below it went down hill fast and furious. My youngest who got sick on Tuesday and was taken to the ER on Thursday, is still going to stay home yet another day today. Poor little thing she has what ever crud that is going around. But when she gets sick she really gets sick. She was even nice enough to give a little to her momma. I was sick and throwing up on Friday ( the day I was to go out with my girlfriends). She hasn't been running a fever but she isn't drinking much and as for the eating, she started asking for something to eat late yesterday. She only weighs 40lbs. soaking wet so she cant afford to lose any weight. We are keeping her home today and I'm going to try and get her into the clinic to be on the safe side and get her checked again. I just figure that by Saturday she should have been up and eating and at least feeling better but she still slept most of the day away. Thank God that Greg was able to stay home and take care of Kaylee while I wasn't feeling my best.

After I got home from the ER on Friday my oldest daughter Ashley calls me in a frantic voice... mumbling something about trying to get home on the back road because the main road was closed and almost running off the road, boy was she in a dither. When I finally go her to calm down and she was telling me the story she said that she was trying to go the back way home because she didn't want to spend the night in Idaho Falls, so she decided to take a back way home and it was a snowing and blowing. She said that she was only going about 20 and she started to slide sideways and she was afraid that she was going to run off the road. She had all 3 kids in the van with her. She had called me to help her calm down... I ask her if her and the kids were ok she said yes then she said mumbled something about Brenden ( he is 3). I said is he ok she said in a very sarcastic voice OH YEAH he is ok. When she was sliding down the road sideways and freaking out Brenden was in the back of the car yelling "COOKIES" I just had to laugh she wasn't to impressed. So I said I guess his daddy takes him out flippin cookies huh ... she said yeah I guess so and then proceeded to call him a name or two. She didn't thin it was to funny but that made my night a bit better. I only have about 6 weeks before I leave for Idaho they had best get ALL that snow gone or I'm not gettin off the plane. I'm not prepared for cold weather. I have turned into a sissy over the last few years.

Friday, February 27, 2009


I have never meant that statement so much in my life as today. My week started off like any other week, full of things to do. As I posted earlier in the week my youngest Kaylee had a dentist appt. on Tuesday. After the appt. we went out to lunch just her and I. It was a wonderful ending to a wonderful day. Well I think I had spoke to soon. She started feelin a bit sick later that night. The next morning I got up to get everybody else up and ready for school, when who should appear by herself and draggin her blanket but Kaylee. She said she didn't feel good. When I went to see what was wrong she started throwing up. Oh the joys of motherhood. So I get her fixed and proceed to go and get her brother up...as I'm going into the livening room on the other side of the house I'm stepping in little puddles all over the floor. NO WE DON'T HAVE A PET, it was from Kaylee getting sick throughout the night. When asked she just said that she didn't want to wake us up! OH Dear Lord, wake me up please..... so I proceeded to do the first of 4 loads of laundry that didn't make it through the night. Her futon mattress didn't make it either ( we have been looking into a new bed for her). So I told the hubby to just fold it up and take it to the trash. So that started my Wednesday with a sick baby and yet another Dentist appt to get to. Lucky for me Greg was on the 3-11 shift and was able to take Sean to his appt. Kaylee was sick all day on Wed... but started feeling better later that evening and by morning VIOLA she was feeling even better, I kept her home on Thursday so she could get some rest. Well by 1:30 yesterday it all started again she was throwing up about every 20min. or so. Well not wanting to go through this for yet another day I took Kaylee in to the ER last night at 6:00 p.m. and we got out of there around 9:00 p.m. She has what everybody else has had it is a stomach bug that kicks ur butt. So lucky Kaylee got some booty medicine to help her quit throwing up. She slept through the night but will be home today though. I sure hope I'm no the down hill slide on this one and no one else in the house gets the crud.

Now for my personal Thursday! Me and Miss Hope have this deal going on that The Man takes the girls to school and I pick them up. Well on Thursdays I only need to pick up Kaylee because Alexis and Makenna have Chorus. Well me being the person of habit that I am went to get Kaylee from school yesterday like every Thursday..... waited in line for about 20 min. got up to the front they call my number and no girls...I thought what the heck. Then when the lady was trying to tell me that the girls weren't there we both figured out it was Chorus and I ALREADY had Kaylee at home!! And to top it off I had gone to a PC party a few weeks ago and then to a Adult party the other night. The gal from the Adult party had called the other day and had said that she would call back on Thursday. Well the lady from the PC party called instead and I .... thinking this was the Adult party consultant was running around trying to find my list of goodies to buy. As I got back to the phone and was complaining that I could find the books ect. she said that she had just finished up closing our friends Kerry's party and wanted to see when I wanted to hold mine. I thought to myself OMG I almost gave the PC lady my order for the Adult Party!!
So I kept my composure and finished up with the PC lady and got off the phone before I said something stupid. I don't know who had control of my brain yesterday but I hope they got it back to me last night. I cant go through another day like yesterday!

On to last night when I was getting ready for bed... I was hanging up the new shirts that I had gotten at the going out of business sale that Miss Hope talked about. Well I got a pink one and one with red white and blue stripes, they are small stripes so it is a bit busy. Well I have ADHD adn a bit of OCD not bad it is just some things need to be in certiane places. Well I didnt know how much of a monkey wrench a striped multi colored shirt could be to me. I had no color to put the damn thing with, I just stood there looking at my closet and wondering where will this one go. Oh dear lord I just need a vacation.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a weird day

My morning yesterday started out like any other. The alarm rings at 6:00 a.m. I get out of bed and wake up Sean, ( he leaves at 6:30). Then I go to the kitchen and start making my coffee. You would think with the super whamadine coffee maker I have I would get it done the night before and set the timer but NO not me. Well I go to make the coffee and the coffee maker is still warm ... this is 6:15 in the morning! Needless to say I was a bit confused. When I went to wake up Brittani I asked her if she had gotten up and made some coffee earlier in the mornin. She looked at me like I had 2 heads.She responded with " Ummm no maybe daddy did it". Well hell I hadn't thought of that, I didn't even look to see if he had came home early and just jumped into bed. So I went to look and he wasn't in bed or even laying on the couch. So I just think it was Bubba.... Bubba is a ghost ( or at least I think it is a ghost) that has moved down stairs to my house since my upstairs neighbors has moved over a year ago. He doesn't do much except open my front door a few times a day. Greg said it was the air conditioning turning on but I pay attention and it opens up even if the air is off. Miss Hope can attest to this. She has been at my house when he opens up the door. So now he has moved to turning on my coffee pot, now if I can only teach him to make the coffee I would be great. After my kids came home Alexis was doing dishes and had forgot my coffee cup she grabbed it and looked at me and asked me if I was finished with it? I thought well it had been sitting there since morning so yeah I was finished. She said ok.... then it made me think of what had happened that morning, so I asked her why she asked me if I was finished, she said because the coffee was still warm!!! I thought wow this had been the weirdest day in awhile. Well enough of Bubba.

Kaylee my littlest one had a dentist appt. yesterday also. It was a good visit to the dentist. The dental tech said that the only problem she had with Kaylee is that she wouldn't quit talking long enough for the sealants would be able to set. So after the dentist we had a mommy-daughter day. I took Kaylee to Applebees for lunch, she was wonderful. I think it was due to the fact that she had my undivided attention. She had a slider and some fries.. that girl is all about the fries. She did such a good job on lunch I got her a treat.

Ok so maybe a Oreo Cookie Sundae wasn't the best choice but she was really good and that doesn't happen all the time. It was a good day with my baby!

Ya'll have a good hump day!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I got a Award!!

Whooohooo thank you Miss Hope..... ( doing the royal wave here) I'm just tickled that you thought of me. I know I'm new to this blogging stuff, but I want to thank all the people who made this possible. So as they say in the movies "Pay it Forward" Please forgive me as I don't have a bunch of bloggers that I know.

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find friends and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships will be propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly- written text into the body of their award."
1) Designs by Tiffany
2) The Book of Paige
3) Bonitas Thoughts
4) Lovely Yellow Ribbons
Don't forget to pass this on

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wonderful Weekend.

Wow what a busy and wonderful week I had last week. We all know how my Monday started off but the week did get a bit better. On Wednesday I purchased my tickets for my trip back home to Idaho, to see my daughter and son-in-law ( whom I have never meet) and my 3 grand babies whom I have never meet either. I'm totally excited about going to see all of them. I will be staying 7 days and my daughter Ashley has a whole list of things for us to do. I told her that I'm going there to see them not to be entertained. I fly into Jackson Hole,WY on April 14th, so we plan on making a day of it since I get in around noon.

From left to right is Leland,Brenden and Isabell. Now I wont be just a voice on the phone. I feel bad that we live so far away but there is nothing we can do right now .. Hooooyah... go Navy! But at least Ashley understands being a Navy Brat and all. There will lots of pictures of my vacation to Idaho to follow in April.

The rest of the week was busy I took my friend Judy to the airport on Friday she was going to Arizona for a wedding. On Saturday the big V-Day Greg didn't have work like we had anticipated on earlier on in the week so I gave Miss Hope a call and said we would be able to go out to dinner with them and John and Carla. We ate at a restaurant downtown that I hadn't been to in over 9 years. Even though we have been here for 2 1/2 we just have never made it back. So all 6 of us had dinner reservations at Seagulls for 5:30p.m. we were about 5 or so min. late. It was a nice place with good atmosphere. The poor waiter we had, I felt so bad for him. We pretty much figured that it was either his first day or this was the first day he was by himself. He was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. We didn't get out of there until 8:15 I kid you not. The restaurant wasn't bad the service wasn't all that good but I totally understand where the poor kid was coming from. I blame the bad service on the people who had him wait tables on Valentines Day all by himself. As far as the food goes it wasn't all that great. I don't think I will be going back. But as far as the people we had with us, I would give them Five Stars. As we were outside talking after we had paid our bills, I said to Miss Hope "That we don't have to just be with the One we love we can be with the ONES we love." it is good that we are far enough in our marriages that we can go out as a group on Valentines Day and have a great time. We really do need to do those group dinners more often, I had a GREAT time. Nothing better than a night out with good friends. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Valentines Day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New outlook on life.

This is my Alexis taking a self portrait on the way to get her eyes checked. She can use my new phone better than I can. I think somewhere they should be kid proof as not to make us adults look bad. Well the chick is getting some new glasses. She had been complaining for some time that she cant see the board. But she did the same thing last year and got another pair of glasses to the tune of $150.00 and I don't think she even wore them more than a handful of times. So needless to say I was a bit reluctant to take her in again to go over the same stuff. But the doc said that her eyes have gotten a bit worse, she is now Near Sighted. So around 4:00p.m. her daddy took her to get her new glasses. Greg said that she was so excited about being able to see that she barely let them adjust her glasses. So here she is with her new glasses getting ready for school this morning. When I went to wake her up the first thing she said is " I get to wear my new glasses!" We have told her that she needs to wear them all the time. So hopefully this will fix her having to struggle to see the board.

I have a quick question to ask all of you, these are things that roll around my head and gives me thing to bug Miss Hope about lol.

With the exception of husbands,children and pets, what would be the 5 most important things you would take with you if you had to evacuate in a hurry?
1) photo albums, baby books
2) Jewelery from Gems TV.
3) Kitchen Aid
4) sewing machine
5) Family pics

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does it ever Stop?

For all of my planning and trying to keep on top of things it just seems like my days go from bad to worse in a heart beat. Yesterday started off as any usual Monday, got the kids out the door and finally had my second cup of coffee. I got on the IM's with Miss Hope as we usually do making our plans for the day. She was going to come over and help me make some more heat packs. She had said that she needed to keep her skills sharp and would love to help me. I was needing to get some done, as I had given mine and Neighbor Greg's heat packs to his mother and sister. I also was going to make a friend of mine one for her as she is having surgery today and I know how much my SIL loved hers after her surgery. I had IMd Miss Hope and told her I was going to start making them soon ,she said ok no problem. After 20 min. or so I I'm her again, she wrote back that she was in a family talk with her momma and it might take a bit. So I persevered and started on my own. In between making the heat packs I was able to schedule eye appts, Dr. appts and even get a load of laundry started.Time really flew by and it was Noon and The Man was comming home to have lunch with Miss Hope, so she said that she would come over after that. So needless to say it was soon time to go get the kids.
The Man has custody of our girls( both mine and Miss Hopes) in the morning and I have custody of the kids in the afternoon, this arrangement works out well for all. So I go to get the youngins and as I was driving I remembered that our speedometer was going all haywire. This had started on Saturday. I can be at a dead stop and my speed is is 50 mph. So with this gentle reminder I gave the Chevy dealership a call. I received the following news: " I need to take the Sub (suburban) in and they will see what type of cluster I need for the sub. It will take a day or 2 to get the part in and then it should only take a few hours to fix and it is only going to cost me $500-$600!! I thought I was a gonna have a hear attack. And to top it all off the damn thing was on a recall list a few years back and we farted around and when we finally got the damn thing in we had to many miles on it and they wouldn't fix it. So the moral of this short story is when the manufacture has a recall on your car/truck take it in right quick or it is a gonna cost you down the road. I'm still kicking myself in the butt for not getting it in when I had the chance.

Like the good friend that Miss Hope is she was able to come over and help me get the last few bags finished. I told her that I really shouldn't do those again by myself cuz a few of them that was supposed to be 5x11 turned out to be 4x11. And the bags that I had already had made were to big. So today I guess we will be fixing cases for the litty bitty ones. We have around 60lbs. or so of deer corn to get into bags. Hope you feeling froggy Miss Hope. OK I guess my rant is done. Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. Thank goodness Monday is over!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Manic Monday

Well a whole week has come and gone and this is the first chance I have had to write anything down. It just seems like my Mondays are a good time to get this done. Wow where to start, I usually start out the week with nothing to do, but by Tuesday I have my whole week filled. Sometimes I wish there was 2 of me so one of me could rest, eat bon bons and just be a slacker!

Monday was a good quiet day last week, Tuesday however started the run for the weekend! I had a meeting on Tuesday to show some of the wives the new cup that I had made for the Dolphin Auction, I'm the Beverage Committee Chair. I need to explain a little how me and my girls roll. We are a pretty tight knit group, we would do anything for each other ( even bail one another out of jail if needed, and yes we have talked about this lol.) So even though I was the one that said OHHHH I will chair that committee, my girls are behind me 110% and are willing to either succeed or fail right along with me. Now that is what I call BEST FRIENDS. So with that said, we were throwing around ideas for the auction. We started out with Pitchers of beer. OHHH what a great idea, until my hubby popped our bubble and said how are we gonna clean the pitchers. So we moved on to the stadium cups, then thought it was a great idea to have something printed on them.

This is done on a Navy Blue cup with Gold lettering, it looks great! I spent probably 3 days of emailing the lady who was doing the cups, then forwarding the emails to my gals for proof reading cuz I miss things. So it really is a combined effort with us, with each of us bringing something new and different to the table and no one had the need to be the BOSS. I just want to say I really LURV my peeps.
Thursday was just a full day of running around getting misc. stuff done. I had done something to my back when we had compass a few weeks ago, my stubborn self keeps forgetting to take it easy and not lift things that makes my back worse. I HAD to get some stuff at the commissary, Wal*art ect. I HAD to get some more deer corn, my mother in law needed a bag cuz dumb old Miami doesn't have stuff like that. I got 2 of the last 5 that they had at Wal*art.
Friday came and I had a butt load of stuff to do, and for all the planning that I did ( I'm so on having a plan) my children seem to put a monkey wrench into the whole thing. AHHHH such is life, just got to learn to go with the flow. My father-in-law was able to spend the weekend with us, the kids just love it when he comes to visit. Now that we live closer both he and my mother-in-law hopefully will be able to visit more often and we should be able to go down more often too.

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Monday

Wow what a busy week last week. We had 3 days of Compass, had a wonderful turn out. Well on day one we had to move from one of the class rooms at one end of the chapel to the fellowship hall at the other end of the chapel. So we put everyones notebooks in a big box and I took them down to the fellowship hall. I really didn't think it was that heavy, it wasn't a problem getting it down there. But I tell ya by the last day my back was really hurting. So this weekend I have been in my jammies taking muscle relaxers, and sleeping the weekend away. I didn't figure out what I could have done to hurt my back until yesterday. I just thought it was me in heels standing for a long time. I guess it is a combination of me getting on in years and not realizing that I'm no spring chicken, more like a old hen. Could someone hand me my walker and some depends. This is crazy I'm a 21 year old trapped in a 43 year old body. I'm seriously thinking bout trading this body in for a newer model. Well I guess that is my rant for the day. I hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl weekend. And just a little FYI Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so now we have 6 more weeks of winter to look forward to.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Thoughts.

Last Friday started out like any other Friday. Me spending most of the morning talkin to Miss Hope via IM or on the phone or both. I did a bit of laundry and tried to pick up this mess I call a house. It came time to go get the girls ( I claim Makenna as my own most days). So I'm sittin in the line at 1:57 as usual. I look back and who do I see but Girlfriend ( the other southern bell I know) she is the second car behind me. I know its her cuz she is hanging out her van window talking in that so sweet southern voice. The line starts to move forward and it gets to a point that she can see that it is me two cars in front of her. She give me a wave I wave back and the I proceed to stick my head out the window and we start loudly talking back and forth. We were commenting on how we were commenting on Miss Hopes blog about her grandmothers measuring cup. She had also said that the heating bags were the reason that she wanted to get ahold of me at Christmas time. I said " you know that you could always call me you do still have my number" girlfriend said " yeah I know and but this is much easier just yelling to you from my van" So I said " So this is what they must call a redneck car phone." Girlfrend is so silly sometimes. I love her to pieces and I have known her for 9 years now. Somehow the navy keeps putting us at the same duty station.

My daughter Alexis ( number 5 in the family) had participated in the elementary school science project. Her group was one of the ones that made it to the local finals on Thursday. This was her first year having to to a science project, so for her to make it as far as she did I'm so very proud. Her group didn't make the top 36 from all the local schools but they did very well. I know that she will do great things next year.

This is Alexis with her certificate of participation.

She is also supposed to be getting tested for gifted this month. She is so excited one because she is doing so well in school and two she can go with her best friend Makenna to Challenge. I'm so proud of her and all that she has accomplished in the past few years. She was diagnosed with ADHD last year. Even though she wasn't on meds at the time she was still getting A's and B's on her report card. But her classroom actions were not so good. I was getting a note home from the teacher pretty much every day. It was frustrating for all of us. So when we got her on her meds she did 110% better. She had all A's and didn't have a a note from the teacher the rest of the year. She made AB honor roll the first 9 weeks and all A's this last 9 weeks. I'm just glad she got her brains from her dad. In fact all my kids have done better in school than I did. I wish they would have gotten me on some meds ( I have adult ADHD) when I was in school then maybe I would have went on to college. Well I guess that ends my ramblings for today. Take care everybody!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flag Blanket

Back in October I started a afghan for the up comming Dolphin Auction. For those of you who don't know what that is here is a brief description.

The Dolphin Scholarship Foundation was established in 1960 with the first scholarship of $350 awarded to John L. Haines, Jr., in June 1961. Funds were raised primarily through the tireless efforts of submarine officers' wives' organizations throughout the United States. As the cost of college education continued to skyrocket, so did the need for the Foundation to assist children of the Submarine Force. Today DSF receives individual, corporate, memorial and Combined Federal Campaign donations, as well as continued strong support from the submarine community. All donations go directly to support the scholarships. Interest and dividends from the DSF trust fund supplement these contributions for scholarships and operating expenses.
For the 2008-2009 academic year, Dolphin Scholarship Foundation will award 137 annual scholarships of $3,400 to each Dolphin Scholar. Each recipient may potentially receive a total of $13,600 for up to four years of undergraduate study. The number of new awards granted each year is determined by graduation and attrition of current Dolphin Scholars. Dolphin Scholarship Foundation is proud to have awarded over seven million dollars to almost 1000 students attending universities and colleges through the United States. Dolphin Scholarship Foundation

This is a much worthy cause. Although at this point my daughter cannot take advantage of this wonderful scholarship because she is going to be going to college hopefully with a ROTC scholarsip which makes her ineligable for the Dolphin Scholarship. But I do have 3 more youngins right behind her. So with that all said I embarked upon making a blanket for the auction. I started off with a bang and it didn't take long to be almost done. I only had around 1 to 1/2 hours left to complete this project, but do you think I could get it done....NOPE. I got the majority of it done is around 4 weeks or so. But it has taken me almost 2 months to get the last bit done. I had to get it finished because Miss Hope and I have lots of crafty things we need to get started on and I can't start one of them until I completed this project. So I sat my butt down Tuesday morning and finished the darn thing. Now it is complete and ready for the auction in March. So now let the new crafting begin. I hope that Miss Hope is ready for some serious crafting.

Here it is finally finished. I hope that it brings in big bucks for the scholarship.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Family Vacation

This is my first attempt at blogging so bear with me as I work out the bugs and spelling errors.

Since moving back to Georgia we have been unable to go down to Florida and visit family. Well this christmas the stars aligned and it was a done deal. We got up bright and early christmas morning, opened up presents, had us a good breakfast and headed down to sunny Florida.

Yes you read it right we left christmas morning. You would think that on christmas morning that there wouldnt be alot of people on the road but you would be wrong. I was surprised to see so many cars on the road. We havent made the trip down to Miami in 6 years. It is only a 6-7 hr drive. It would usually take us around 10 because of the kids being so little they didnt travel well in the daytime so we had to resort to driving at night. It still took us around 8 hours to get there. Well this time we did it in 7hrs. and that was with a hour for dinner and a potty break. And it was during the day time too boot. I told Greg that everything look so different in the daylight. We had a wonderful 10 days down in Miami, the weather was beautiful and the company was great. We were even able to see Greg's brother and Sister in Law who have moved to Texas. So the whole family was there and both Mom and Dad were just besides themselves to have all the kids and grandkids all in the same house. Thank goodness that they have a big house, with their 4 children and their spouses and 10 of the 12 grandkids it was a house full.

My sister in Law Kim lives down in the Keys so we had to take a couple of days and go down to see some of the sites. We took the kids to feed the tarpin.

It was very hard to get a good picture of the tarpin because of those dang Pelicans. The kids had a great time feeding the tarpin crabs and fish. Those tarpin are huge, I know it is hard to tell but the one at the top of the page is around 4 to 5 ft. long.

In this picture you can both the Atlantic on the left and the Gulf of Mexico on the right. The water is so green and pretty.

This is the whole reason I had to go to the Keys in the first place. I just love this windchime. It isn't too loud and it is so pretty. They had them in oranges and blues. I just think they are too cool. We also took time out to go to the Metro Zoo. It has taken a bit of time for them to get the Zoo back up to par since Hurricane Andrew totally demolished it back in 1992. But they have done a great job in getting it back up and running. They just opened the Amazon section of the park in December. That is one of the reasons we went to check it out.

I took this picture of the flamingos for my good friend Jordy, she love the flamingos. I told her that I tried to get one for her but it wouldn't get in the suburban, so this is the best I could do. We had a wonderful time with all the family. We are looking forward to going down this summer to help my MIL to redo her kitchen. That should be some good pictures.