Monday, March 2, 2009

It's got to get Better

Well where to start. My week started off a little bit busy but as you can read down below it went down hill fast and furious. My youngest who got sick on Tuesday and was taken to the ER on Thursday, is still going to stay home yet another day today. Poor little thing she has what ever crud that is going around. But when she gets sick she really gets sick. She was even nice enough to give a little to her momma. I was sick and throwing up on Friday ( the day I was to go out with my girlfriends). She hasn't been running a fever but she isn't drinking much and as for the eating, she started asking for something to eat late yesterday. She only weighs 40lbs. soaking wet so she cant afford to lose any weight. We are keeping her home today and I'm going to try and get her into the clinic to be on the safe side and get her checked again. I just figure that by Saturday she should have been up and eating and at least feeling better but she still slept most of the day away. Thank God that Greg was able to stay home and take care of Kaylee while I wasn't feeling my best.

After I got home from the ER on Friday my oldest daughter Ashley calls me in a frantic voice... mumbling something about trying to get home on the back road because the main road was closed and almost running off the road, boy was she in a dither. When I finally go her to calm down and she was telling me the story she said that she was trying to go the back way home because she didn't want to spend the night in Idaho Falls, so she decided to take a back way home and it was a snowing and blowing. She said that she was only going about 20 and she started to slide sideways and she was afraid that she was going to run off the road. She had all 3 kids in the van with her. She had called me to help her calm down... I ask her if her and the kids were ok she said yes then she said mumbled something about Brenden ( he is 3). I said is he ok she said in a very sarcastic voice OH YEAH he is ok. When she was sliding down the road sideways and freaking out Brenden was in the back of the car yelling "COOKIES" I just had to laugh she wasn't to impressed. So I said I guess his daddy takes him out flippin cookies huh ... she said yeah I guess so and then proceeded to call him a name or two. She didn't thin it was to funny but that made my night a bit better. I only have about 6 weeks before I leave for Idaho they had best get ALL that snow gone or I'm not gettin off the plane. I'm not prepared for cold weather. I have turned into a sissy over the last few years.


  1. Hopefully the worst is now behind you!!!!
    Glad she was okay, that is SCARY!

  2. Thank you Queen, she is doing much better. She did get a 2 day pass from the doctor today. So hopefully she will be able to get back to school by Wednesday.