Friday, March 20, 2009

Kasper life.

We have made it through the Dolphin Auction for yet another year! My afghan went for $71.00 I think, I haven't heard the official word yet. As for the Beverage Committee we did a great job. The new stadium cups went over well, we still have some left but hey can use them next year. My people did a great job and the night for us went off without a hitch. I had injured my leg the Tuesday before the auction so I wasn't able to walk the floor and sell tickets so Fred (AKA Miss Hope's ...The Man) proudly wore the ticket apron and kicked some butt and sold a lot of tickets. Just to let you know it wasn't a sissy apron it was a apron from one of the hardware stores so he didn't look funny. I do wish we would have gotten a pic of that though.

So now that the auction is over it is time to focus on the move. I started to pack on Monday, Carla was on IM's with me and said that she would come and help me start packing my PartyLite stuff. That was really the only stuff that I had planned on doing that day. Well Carla came over and so did Miss Hope to help a sister out. We got the PL stuff knocked out quite quick, and we took a little rest. Carla was saying to me don't you have any other boxes she was as cagey as a cat on a hot tin roof, wanting to get stuff done! I was joking with Greg and told him that if I would have had the boxes that Carla would have had me all packed up that day LOL. Since I didn't have boxes it was decided that I need to take down all the curtains and wall stuff. So we got all of that done and I had started to wash the curtains and at least get the stuff that we had taken down off the walls put into a pile in the living room. Later that night I was sitting in bed waiting for Greg to shut off the lights so we could relax and watch some TV before going to sleep. He just stood there at the foot of the bed looking at the wall behind the bed and was looking right confused.... all that was left was the picture left hanging on the wall. After a few seconds of him looking right pitiful I asked him ..... "You are trying to remember what was hanging on the wall for the last 3 years huh"... He just shook his head and gave a bit of a laugh and said " Yes, I cant remember what was there I assume some PartyLite stuff though". Now that is why I could buy stuff and he wouldn't know if I had bought it yesterday or 5 years ago! It could work to my advantage in the near future. The packing is coming along ok, I'm doing a little bit at a time so I don't just burn the house down and collect the ins. money and go shopping for new stuff. Well it is off to get some more packing done. Take care all.

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